No-Moo piquant cheese

Afternoon everyone!

You may remember my vegan cheese review not that long ago, and how I said I wanted to try the piquant variety. Well I finally went and picked up a pack, I almost waltzed home because I was so excited to try it.


I cut the pack open and had a nibble before I even took a photo of the pack. I am going to be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it was because I’d hyped it up in my head, this cheese is supposed to be their most popular variety and I was expecting it to be the ‘holy grail’ of relatively cheap vegan cheese.


The cheese had a very strong and almost artificial taste, the texture was pretty good and it behaved pretty much like a cheese. It was just the taste I didn’t like, which is obviously an important factor in something you are eating. The cheese tasted to me a little like cheese and onion crisps, it was a taste that just didn’t agree with me. After nibbling on a little and deciding I didn’t really like it I decided to grate it into a cheese sauce with soy milk and seasoning. I mixed the sauce with pasta and peas but I still couldn’t get over the taste. This is a product I won’t be buying again anytime soon, next on the agenda is the mild aromatic variety of no-moo, or I might try Violife. I paid £5 for this block of ‘cheese’ from my local independent health shop, but you can buy the entire Vegusto range on their website.

Hope you’re having a great day


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2 thoughts on “No-Moo piquant cheese

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear that this one didn’t taste very good 😦 I haven’t tried any vegan cheese alternatives yet, hopefully there is a good one out there!


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