Mini M&S food haul

Hi guys!

Something a little different today, a mini food haul from Marks & Spencer’s. I was accompanying my grandfather as my grandmother wasn’t very well and he’s a little forgetful so it was an eventful shop. I just thought I’d review a couple of the things I bought, although I don’t have the prices as he very kindly paid for my food and took the receipt with him.

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The first thing I ate was the exotic jelly cubes, these cubes are flavoured like pineapple, pomegranate, and lime so I thought they would be pretty tasty. Instead of gelatine they use carrageenan, locust bean gum and potassium chloride to set the jelly. The cubes also contain spirulina concentrate, black carrot, and safflower extract. In terms of how it tasted I wasn’t that impressed, the pineapple and pomegranate cubes lacked flavour, whereas the lime cubes were a little too strong in my opinion. This may be due to the lime cubes being formed from actual lime juice while the other flavours were not formed from pure juice. The texture was okay, fairly light and very much like jelly, but I’m not sure I would buy it again.


When I got home I had the sprouted pea and bean salad with mint dressing for tea, it had been a warm day and I fancied something cold and refreshing. This isn’t the first time I have eaten this salad and it certainly won’t be my last, I absolutely love it. The sprouted beans and peas add a nice texture and the bean shoots are a nice addition. The mint dressing makes the salad fresh, sweet and gives a little tang to the mixture which is lovely, the beans also contain a good amount of protein and fibre. These little pots of salad are usually 2 for £3 so they are a decent price and can be taken to work for lunch, or outside for a picnic.


After eating the salad I fancied something a little spicy so I opened up my sharing bag of lemon harissa hand cooked chips. The seasoning of these crisps consists of spices, lemon, garlic, onion, tomato and chili. They have a nice amount of spice and that hint of lemon adds another delicious dimension, the chili really catches up with you so I’d say the crisps are a little hot. Another thing I like about these crisps is that despite the amount of flavouring you can still taste the good quality potato.


A great accompaniment to these crisps was the lemon and coriander houmous. There’s also a lot of spice behind this houmous but it is creamy, fresh and light. The spice isn’t hot but creates a really gorgeous flavour which makes it a nice change from plain houmous


I also bought a sweet crudité selection of celery sticks, pepper slices and cherry tomatoes to dip, these were so fresh and delicious and perfect for dipping in this houmous.


A different product which I enjoyed dipping in the houmous was the salt and pepper kale crisps. I’m not fussed on kale but I know it’s very nutritional so I keep giving it a go. These crisps are coated in cashew butter and nutritional yeast so that gives them a good flavour and creaminess, the seasoning was also quite strong and flavourful. I still didn’t like the crisps so the houmous helped me to finish the bag, I found there was quite a strong iron taste which didn’t agree with me. The crisps were crunchy, a similar texture to the broccoli crisps I tried a while ago. Another thing to note is that this little bag contains 6.1g of protein and 2.3g for vitamin E.


The final products I picked up were two snack pots. The first was seed and nut mix, roasted in soy sauce. These little seeds were a great product to nibble on throughout the day, a rich source of zinc and coated in a lovely deep soy sauce, they were very tasty. The other pot I bought was wasabi peas, I love peas and I love wasabi, this snack is one of my favourite. The ones from M&S were not as strong as others I have tried but they had a great flavour and were very crunchy.

Hope you’ve had a great week, the weekend is almost here!


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One thought on “Mini M&S food haul

  1. UGH, just looking at the goods you picked up makes me miss the UK even more. I remember picking up some snacks from an M&S before I got on the train while I was in London– I was amazed at the variety of healthy options they had. Unfortunately convenience food items here in the US fail in comparison. Loved the review 🙂

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