Summer drinks review

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting before now. Job applications and interviews have been taking over my life!

When the sun is shining who doesn’t like to have a tall glass of something cold and refreshing? One of my favourite drinks is Fentimans rose lemonade. This lemonade is fizzy, fresh and relaxing at the same time. The colour is a beautiful pink and it tastes just like Turkish delight. Yummy! I bought this 275ml bottle from Sainsbury’s for £1.20, but they have these on offer currently at two for £2, which I think is quite good value. Fentimans also make ginger beer and curiosity cola, but I think I’ll just stick with the lovely lemonade.


The ingredients of the lemonade are as follows: Carbonated water, clarified lemon Juice from concentrate (10%), sugar, glucose syrup, fermented ginger root extract (water, glucose syrup, ginger root, pear juice concentrate, and yeast), pear juice concentrate, natural flavourings (lemon, orange), tartaric Acid, citric Acid, food colouring (red cabbage extract), and Bulgarian rose oil.

I also tried another product from Rebel Kitchen, Mylk coffee. I don’t drink a lot of coffee because of my anxiety, but as this doesn’t have a lot of coffee in it I figured I’d be fine. The drink is creamy but refreshing and sweet and tastes like a latte, it’s not too strong with coffee. I bought this carton from my local independent health store for £1.85, and I have also tried the chocolate variety which I reviewed here. I am still interested in trying the kid’s range so next time I come across it I will be buying some because these mylks are really delicious.


The simple list of ingredients is as follows: Water, coconut milk (11%), date nectar and coffee.

The final drink I bought recently (other than my staple orange juice) was the Vita Coco lemonade. This 330ml carton was different, I was expecting more of a coconut taste but they use a good quality natural lemon flavouring so the lemon comes through very well. The taste is a little sharp and is quite like a flat San Pellegrino limonata. I still prefer this to the regular coconut water, but I think the pineapple version which I reviewed here is my favourite. Will I try more varieties? Possibly, there are health benefits to drinking coconut water (being a great source of potassium and vitamin C), but I just don’t think it’s for me.


The ingredients are as follows: coconut water (89%), lemon puree (9%), natural fruit sugar (2%), and vitamin C.

What have you been drinking throughout the summer?

Have a great night, I’m making some onion and garlic soup 🙂


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