B. Glowing shimmer block

Evening everyone!

A lovely friend bought me the blush I’d been wishing I could get for ages! It’s the B. Glowing shimmer block and I got it in the shade Just Peachy (161).


This five shade block is just amazing, and I think it’s the perfect shade for my skin tone. It’s soft, blends easily, and the shimmer isn’t too noticeable, which I like. The shades can be used all together, in different combinations, or on their own. You can also use it in other ways, not just as a blush, the pink shades can be used as eyeshadow and the white makes a decent highlighter, so it’s great for multi-functional use.


The blush is supposed to provide an instant shimmer which lifts tired looking skin, and I would agree. It provides a little glow that has been great for summer, even with a simple make-up look. Also, it’s dermatologically approved. The 10g pot is usually priced at £8.99 which I feel is a little too expensive, but considering the cruelty free aspect I don’t mind that. The blush is currently on offer for £4.49 and comes in two other shades, blush and bronze. Considering the ability to mix and match shades these three pots should fit most people’s needs and I have to say that this blush is probably my favourite make-up product of the year.

Hope you have a great night


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I blog about vegan and cruelty free products.

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