Nail polish review (Model’s Own and Barry M)

Morning all!

I don’t wear nail polish often, I find it takes too long to apply and that I can’t always get it right. However, I don’t think that anything beats having pretty coloured nails, it’s just something that really cheers me up. I’m going to review six polishes that I really like, and to be honest they are the only ones I have. The first five are from Models Own and the last one is from Barry M.


Southern Lights (NP148) is a really pretty purple glitter polish, I am not a massive fan of girly and glittery things but this polish is beautiful. When it’s applied the colour is a little different, it’s a little bluer in its shade but that’s okay, it’s still a lovely colour. This polish is from their wonderland collection, but is no longer available on their website.

IMG_0486edit IMG_3070edit

Swan (NP202) is a cute purple colour which looks like the pattern of a speckled egg, which is such a cool idea. The polish contains little black specks in it which provide the effect, these specks don’t move too much when the polish is applied so that’s good. Again, I like the purple shade but my favourite is the next colour, however it looks like they no longer stock this colour on their website.

IMG_0487edit IMG_3149edit

Duck (NP203) is the same speckled egg look as Swan but it’s the blue variety. This polish is gorgeous! I love the mini egg effect and blue is one of my favourite colours, this shade is particularly amazing. I like that when you apply two coats you have darker specks with more muted specks underneath. Like I said, I’m not usually a fan of doing my nails (as you can probably tell from the awful applications I have done in the photos!) but this polish makes me feel so cute.

IMG_0485edit IMG_3080edit

Indian Ocean (NP133) is another really pretty polish, it’s a duo chrome tone blue and purple shimmer which makes me feel like an ice queen. I think this one would be lovely for going to the beach, or by the pool, if the sun ever comes back out. This polish is from their Beetlejuice range.

IMG_0484edit IMG_3120edit

The last polish from Model’s Own is Dancing Queen (NP142) which is a blue, green and gold glitter with a clear base, so it really does need to be worn over a coloured base coat. This polish reminds me of a disco ball, and a little like Christmas despite it not being green and red. I think it would make a lovely glittery addition to coloured polish for a night out. This polish is from their mirror ball range.


I paid £4.99 for each of these polishes and overall they are pretty great, however (and I don’t know if it’s because I put of using them for so long) I found that even when allowing each coat plenty of time to dry the polish could be peeled from my nail. This was particularly annoying as the polish would move when I bumped my hand on something. While it was kind of nice to be able to peel the polish off instead of using remover, the polish did not last long enough for me to really enjoy wearing it. If anyone else uses Model’s Own could you tell me whether this is just me, or my polishes? Other polishes which Model’s Own stock that I am interested in are; their sweet shop collection which is scented like sweets, including rhubarb and custard, and pear drops, the pastel mint shade from their icing collection, and the powder blue shade from their HyperGel collection. All of these are really pretty.

The last polish I’m going to review is Truffle (416) from Barry M. This polish is from their silk range and is like a subtle matte gold shade which I think is really classy. This polish has no issues with staying power and isn’t as in your face as some of these other polishes (It’s actually a little difficult to get off with nail polish remover). I also like to coat it with Indian Ocean for a bit of extra colour. I’ve had this one for a while and can’t remember how much I paid for it at the time but Boots sell the silk range for £3.99. I’d also really like to try some of the shades from Barry M’s aquarium range.

IMG_0489edit IMG_3029edit

Have a lovely Sunday, I’m off to find some vegan cupcakes at a food festival


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