What I did last week (Part one)

Evening all, something a little different again tonight.

I don’t really have the money to go anywhere at the moment so when I get to go out with my family it feels like something special I should talk about. We recently took a trip to the Brecon Mountain Railway, it’s about an hour’s drive from where I live and in summer they run four train journeys a day. We arrived a little late for the one departure so while we were waiting we grabbed a bite to eat in their café, there was plenty of choice for a decent price, but not much choice for a vegan diet. I chose a jacket potato with beans which came with a lovely side salad.

The only downside of this railway is the price of the tickets, an adult ticket costs £13.00 and a child’s ticket costs £6.50, however two children per adult can travel for £5.75 each. While these prices are steep for what you get they use the money to maintain the railway, and repair and rebuild old steam engines. What you get for that price very simply is a 90 minute ride on a steam train with two stops, one of which has a café, great views, and a children’s playground. While on the journey you can see the gorge of the Taf Fechan river, a quarry and plenty of wooded valleys. Additionally, you can view the village of Pontsticill, a reservoir, a dam, and a local sailing club. The journey ends at Torpantau, where the train briefly stops so the engine can change to the other end of the train, the train then stops again at the Pontsticill station where a longer break is taken and you have a chance to buy a cuppa. If you wish you can even take one of the beautiful walks in the area and catch a later train back to the main station at a later time. The most exciting part of the journey is that you are allowed to stand outside the carriage for a better view as the train doesn’t move very fast.

IMG_0648edit IMG_0656edit

IMG_0663edit IMG_0685edit

IMG_0701edit IMG_0690edit

(These are a selection of the views, however a lot of the journey was just looking at trees in the way of these views)

While you can spend a few hours at this attraction there are a few other places you can visit in the area such as Cyfartha castle, a handful of nature reserves and walks, and a climbing centre.

Part two is on it’s way


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