What I did last week (Part two)

Hi again, I thought I’d split these up as they were on different days.

I went to a food festival this weekend, events like this are few and far between in my city so I knew I had to go! It was held at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea and the entrance fee was £5 per person, and free for children under 12. I’m not really sure the entrance fee was great value, although if I could have eaten all the samples then I probably wouldn’t be complaining. Inside the hall were plenty of stalls stocking all sorts of food and drink, a crafts section and live cooking demonstrations. I saw jars and jars of chutneys and jams, tables of local brewed alcohol, ice creams, a plethora of cakes and chocolate, crackers, Indian and Persian food, olives, and sweets. There was plenty on offer, even if I couldn’t eat it all.


Well what did I buy? I picked up a vegan cupcake from The Gluten Free Baking Company, and two cookies, a cupcake, and a bakewell slice from Fancy That! Bakery, and a falafel wrap from Taste of Persia for lunch.

The first cupcake I ate when I returned home was the gluten free one. It was large, more muffin sized than cupcake sized. The casing was very pretty, and the icing was sweet, moist and creamy with little pink sugar crystals. While I was particularly taken with the icing the actual cake was a little disappointing. The texture was great, but it didn’t really taste of anything, I would have liked more flavour or sugar.


The second thing I ate was the cupcake from Fancy That! Bakery, it was lemon and raspberry. Both this and the other cupcake got a little squished in the bag so the icing was a little messed up but it didn’t matter. This cupcake was fantastic! The icing was sweet, creamy and had a fruity citrus taste. The little raspberry on top was perfect and delicious with the icing. The cake was thick and sweet, also with a citrus flavour. The cupcake tasted lovely and was light, especially with it being so full of citrus flavour.


Now on to the cookies from Fancy That!, the first was the chocolate hazelnut. The chocolate wasn’t too strong in flavour (which is perfect for my palette) and the hazelnuts were flavourful and crunchy. Overall, the cookie had a good amount of sugar and was chewy and soft.


However, my favourite cookie, and the best thing I bought that day was the second cookie, the chocolate orange. Oh my sweet lord! I was glad that the cookie wasn’t chocolate all the way through because biting into those little chunks of chocolate was like heaven and the orange was so gorgeous. Again, the cookie was soft and chewy, it was just perfect. Needless to say it didn’t last long, and I wished that I had bought more.


The final thing I bought from Fancy That! Bakery’s stall was a bakewell slice. Now, I don’t like cherries so I have never tasted a bakewell tart or slice before, but the novelty of it being vegan made me buy it. I was pleasantly surprised, it was very sweet and jammy, and the overall texture made me forgive it for being full of cherries. I’m not sure I would buy it again, but it was a great eat.


Finally, for a takeaway lunch I picked up a freshly made falafel wrap from Taste of Persia. I opted for the traditional falafel, although I was tempted to buy the apple variety. The wrap was yummy, the perfect mixture of warm soft tortilla, tasty crushed falafel, fresh crunchy salad and delicious sauces. I would have liked to maybe pay a little less for the wrap but the friendly service from Kamran, who owns Taste of Persia, was well worth it.


Overall, I feel I came away with some good buys which tasted lovely, and I am very much looking forward to the vegan Christmas market later this year.

Have a great night


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