Coconut Collaborative natural yogurt

Evening everyone,

I’d heard that Holland & Barrett had started stocking The Coconut Collaborative yogurt so I decided to mosey on down and buy a pot.


This natural yogurt alternative is free from gluten and soya, contains no added sugar, and is full of healthy fatty acids which are instantly used by the body. It has zero cholesterol and is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I’ve really enjoyed eating their chocolate snowconut frozen yogurt so I figured this chilled variety would be a tasty treat. I’m not a big fan of natural yogurt so that might be the reason I just didn’t enjoy this product. I ate it a couple mouthfuls at a time because it was quite sharp, and would have preferred to have a swirl of something sweet to mellow out the taste. The texture is creamy and you can really taste the coconut, I just wish I could have gotten past the sharpness. I picked this 125g pot up for £1.99, which is a little more expensive than I would have liked.

Ingredients: Live cultured coconut milk, natural thickener and selected dairy-free cultures.

The Coconut Collaborative also make this yogurt in vanilla, blueberry, berries and seeds, mango and passionfruit, and raspberry so I may give some of these a go and see if the taste is improved.

Have a great night


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