Dee’s Tex Mex Veg Pot

Hi everyone,

When I visit family I sometimes like to pick up a little meal on the way for convenience. I recently bought Dee’s Tex Mex veg pot from Holland & Barrett.


This medium sized pot can be microwaved or tipped into a saucepan to warm through. I chose to microwave my pot, and I didn’t have anything with it. The mixture was very hot and had a good amount of Mexican spice and flavour, but it was kind of like a soup and I wished I had some rice or pasta to mix into it. All in all I enjoyed the meal but despite the great amount of beans and vegetables I felt it needed accompanying grains to take it from a snack to a proper meal. The 400g pot is vegan, gmo and gluten free. It is low in salt and fat, high in fibre and protein and contains vitamins A, E, C, K1, B1, B3, and B6. As well as this it contains folate, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese, so the veg pot is extremely healthy. I paid £1.99 for a reduced pot, the full price is £3.99. What I paid was well worth it, however I am not sure the full price is.

Ingredients: tomatoes, kidney beans (19%), peppers (12%), carrots, onions, sweet potato (5%), Mexican paste (water, sugar, spices (paprika, chipotle chilli, cumin pepper, garlic purée, sunflower oil, red chilli purée, green chilli purée, salt, tomato purée, oregano, onion purée, paprika), parsley, lemon juice, sunflower oil, tomato purée, water, and garlic purée.

Dee’s offer a full range of products including; organic omega burgers, organic spicy bean burgers, leek & onion vegan sausages, traditional vegan sausages, roast garlic & mushroom vegan sausages, a Thai veg pot with butternut squash potato & lentils, a Moroccan veg pot with chickpea and potato, a quinoa pot with Thai spiced vegetables, a quinoa pot with hot Mexican peppers, and a quinoa pot with Moroccan spiced vegetables.

Have a fantastic day!


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