Primrose’s Kitchen raw carrot, apple & cinnamon muesli

Evening everyone, This is the one before last product from my Flowbox, Primrose’s Kitchen raw carrot, apple & cinnamon muesli (400g). This muesli has gluten free oats and contains actual carrot. I never thought I would see a cereal with vegetables in it! As well as the carrot the muesli contains cinnamon, apple, nuts, seedsContinue reading “Primrose’s Kitchen raw carrot, apple & cinnamon muesli”

A personal post (+ review)

This blog is going to be different to my usual reviews as it’s a bit more personal. If you’ve read my ‘about me’ then you will know that I have depression and anxiety, two conditions which have been a constant throughout my adult years. Since I was 17 I have been on and off manyContinue reading “A personal post (+ review)”

Dr Organic Moroccan argan oil shampoo

Morning! Sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve had all sorts of stuff to sort out, and I have a job interview today! I’ve been working on this review for a bit so I thought I’d post it before I leave. While I was at the till in Holland & Barrett I was given a shampooContinue reading “Dr Organic Moroccan argan oil shampoo”