Cheezly and chorizo potato skins

Afternoon everyone! While I like to make my own meals, whether it’s salads, pasta, pulses or rice, there are times when I am unable to make a tasty meal. If I am in a rush, or tired then convenience meals are a blessing, I’m always looking out for new products and today I am goingContinue reading “Cheezly and chorizo potato skins”

Pip & Nut coconut almond butter

Morning everyone, sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was catching up on the lack of sleep from the other night. The alarm went off again this morning but fingers crossed it’s actually fixed this time. This review is yet another product from my Flowbox, this time it’s a sachet of coconut almond butter squeeze packContinue reading “Pip & Nut coconut almond butter”

July favourites

Hello again! Wow, I’ve been blogging for just over a month now and we’ve come to the end of July. It’s been a busy month for me with graduation and turning 25 so here’s a list of the products which got me through. Food Cacao and raspberry Nom bar– A really lovely bar which IContinue reading “July favourites”

Cacoa and raspberry Nom oat bar

Evening all, hope you’ve had a nice Saturday, This is yet another product out of my seemingly endless Flowbox, it’s the cacoa and raspberry Nom bar. This raw oat bar has simple and natural ingredients, and because it’s raw it’s never baked. When I opened the packet the first thing I noticed is that IContinue reading “Cacoa and raspberry Nom oat bar”

Biscru courgette and curry crackers

Hey everyone, This review is for another product which came in the Flowbox, and probably the only product I didn’t like. Biscru courgette and curry crackers. This 70g packet contains small raw crackers made from courgette and various other ingredients, which are flavoured like curry. Now I’m not a big fan of curry unless it’sContinue reading “Biscru courgette and curry crackers”