Graze Wednesdays part 4

Morning! It’s far too early. I’ve been up since 7 cleaning my house and I’m about to go out for the day to visit family and friends. It’s Wednesday again which means it’s time for another Graze box review (and actually on a Wednesday this week). In my box this week was the spicy ThaiContinue reading “Graze Wednesdays part 4”

Superdrug Limited Edition Pear Drops Shampoo

Evening all, Today I am taking a break from all the food reviews and recipes to let you know that I finally got my mitts on a bottle of Superdrug’s limited edition pear drops shampoo! As they didn’t have it in my local store I had to order online, taking advantage of the free deliveryContinue reading “Superdrug Limited Edition Pear Drops Shampoo”

Homemade falafel (no more grubby takeaways)

Afternoon everyone, I’ve been volunteering this morning (I volunteer at Relate, in case any of you were curious) and came home to a Graze box which I devoured whilst trying to review it. I have another recipe for you today, recently I tried to make my own falafel and it turned out pretty well. IContinue reading “Homemade falafel (no more grubby takeaways)”

Mini bonus bargain haul

Afternoon everyone! I’m still on a little money saving high, having just got back in from town. Now I’m back home, away from the crowds, and back in my pyjamas I’m feeling so good that I don’t even care so much about the students upstairs howling away on their guitar. I thought I’d give youContinue reading “Mini bonus bargain haul”

The Co-Operative doughnuts

Afternoon everyone, Another short product review for you today, after seeing a bit of talk about the Co-Operative’s vegan doughnuts I decided to give them a go. It’s been quite some time since I had a jam doughnut and this would be my first time trying a vegan doughnut of any variety. These doughnuts wereContinue reading “The Co-Operative doughnuts”

Graze Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Morning! Oops, seems like I completely forgot to upload my Graze review yesterday. So for one week only here’s Graze Thursday! This week I had jaffa cake flapjacks, sweet and salty kern pops, cracking black pepper cashews, and fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers . The jaffa cake flapjacks were absolutely perfect. They smeltContinue reading “Graze Wednesday (on a Thursday)”

Trek peanut power bar

Hello world! Another quick product review for you today as I’m off out to volunteer at a counselling centre, and by a stroke of coincidence am then off to have a counselling session myself (first session with a new counsellor). This time it’s the peanut power Trek bar (55g), I got this bar from Holland &Continue reading “Trek peanut power bar”