Month: September 2015

Graze Wednesdays part 4

Morning! It’s far too early. I’ve been up since 7 cleaning my house and I’m about to go out for the day to visit family and friends.

It’s Wednesday again which means it’s time for another Graze box review (and actually on a Wednesday this week).

In my box this week was the spicy Thai sriracha peas, sesame garlic crunch, sour cream and onion crostini, and hot pepper jam and crackers.


Mini bonus bargain haul

Afternoon everyone!

I’m still on a little money saving high, having just got back in from town. Now I’m back home, away from the crowds, and back in my pyjamas I’m feeling so good that I don’t even care so much about the students upstairs howling away on their guitar. I thought I’d give you a run down of what I bought.

Firstly, and my main reason for heading to town, was having an eye test. My eyes are in the same condition they were two years ago, I don’t need to fork out for new lenses, and I had a voucher for a free test which saved me £25 straight off the bat. Awesome.

I then popped into Holland & Barrett, I had a Rewards for Life voucher to spend and decided to have a look around. I picked up hickory smoked Tofurky slices which were £2.85 as they had a very long shelf life and I’m planning to use them for sandwiches for my trip out next week, saving me buying lunch while I’m there.

Simple oat cookies

Morning again! I thought I’d post another recipe today, something very simple and, in my opinion, very tasty. The recipe is available here but I will tell you little about it. Basically it’s cookies made with oats […]