Rebel Kitchen Banana Mylk

Hi again, another little review for you today,

Well I finally bought a pack of Rebel Kitchen’s banana mylk.


I was so glad that I did, this stuff is amazing! I know they are in small cartons for children but I don’t care, the only problem I had was limiting myself to a carton a day. This drink is the perfect combination of sweet banana, creamy coconut and the deep taste of cacoa, it tastes like the chocolate mylk but with banana in it. The drink is smooth, not bitty. It’s not too thick, and is refreshing just out of the fridge. While the main ingredient is spring water, but you couldn’t tell because the mylk is so rich and creamy. I would really like a big one litre carton of this mylk, but even then I don’t think it would last long. I picked up the pack of four 180ml cartons at Tesco, where they are currently £2.50.

Ingredients: Water, coconut milk (11%), crushed banana (8%), date nectar, and cacao (0.5%).

Hope you’re having a great Monday,