Tesco free from chocolate bar

Evening everyone, here’s the last review for tonight

Not too long ago I bought a free from chocolate bar from Tesco, this bar is pretty much the same product as the Sainsbury’s bar I recently reviewed, minus the rice puffs.


The chocolate is very sweet and is quite soft to bite, melting quickly in the mouth. It’s a nice change from dark chocolate but I don’t think this bar particularly tastes like chocolate, it has a strong taste of sugary syrup. Overall the bar is okay for the price and makes a nice little snack, but I am looking forward to finding nice alternative milk chocolate. This 35g bar retails for 45p.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice syrup, inulin, coconut oil, rice flour, flavourings, and emulsifier (soya lecithins).

There’s a few more little reviews I have which I will post tomorrow,

Have a good night