Superdrug limited edition sweet shop range


When I saw that Superdrug had a limited edition sweet shop range I went to my local store at the earliest opportunity and paid in 20p coins (because that’s all I have left right now). I bought three of the products as that was all they had in my store. The first product I bought was the vanilla fudge self-warming mask, I was expecting it to have milk in it but it was vegan!


This product is incredible, it smells edible, sweet and just like what it says on the packet. The texture was thick and sticky, fairly easy to apply and very easy to wash off. The warming effect was pleasant, and didn’t irritate my skin. While it was on my face and warmed up it reminded me of Christmas. Honestly, I can’t describe how much I loved this mask. My skin was wonderfully soft afterwards and it only cost 99p so it was a bargain.

The second item I bought was the lemon sherbet dry shampoo, and again I was really pleased.


I felt it left less residue than other Superdrug dry shampoos, after use my hair is soft and has more texture to it. I smells fresh and like sweet lemons, without reminding me of a cleaning product. I paid 99p for the 150ml can, so it was also great value.

The last of the limited edition products I picked up was the jelly bean body spray, I didn’t smell it in the store but sprayed it when I got home, it doesn’t really smell like jelly beans but it smells sweet without being sickly.


It has interesting back notes which are almost musky, I just really like it. This little can was 99p as well, I’m always stuck by how far your money can stretch in Superdrug, as a brand I am really pleased with it. I just wished that my local store had stocked the pear drops shampoo and conditioner because I reckon that the scent is gorgeous.

Have a lovely day


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