Superdrug floral fresh shave gel

Evening everyone, hope your weekend has been a good one! I apologise for not posting yesterday, after I came home I suffered with a pretty bad headache so I rubbed on some peppermint oil and went to bed. Here’s a little review for you today

While I have been using coconut oil for shaving, I still like to use shaving foam now and again. I have used Sainsbury’s own for a few years now and recently decided to try Superdrug’s own product because Superdrug has served me well this year. The one I bought was the ladies floral fresh shave gel (200ml).


It has a lovely floral scent, I was expecting that sweet artificial scent I’ve smelt a thousand times, but this product smelt like an actual green garden. I was transported to summer walks in the park, and that may sound a little ridiculous but it’s true, and I loved the smell. The foam is pink but quickly foams white on contact with the air, leaving a handful looking like pretty pink icing or candyfloss. In terms of how well it works, it covers the skin well, foams as it should and absolutely does its job. I found that my skin was less irritated than when I used the Sainsbury’s product so I was glad of that. The product costs £2.85 so the value is okay and I will definitely be including it in my regular routine, as well as sometimes using the coconut oil.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,



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