Arran Aromatics review

Evening everyone,

This post is a review of a few travel sized toiletries which my mother bought me from Arran Aromatics in Scotland. Their website states that the vast majority of their formulations do not contain animal ingredients (with the exception of some bee products in a few formulations). Their statement says they are also concerned about the use of animals in cosmetic and toiletry testing.


The first product I tried was the lavender and tea tree bath and shower gel (50ml) from their apothecary range. This gel smells really strongly of lavender and is thick in texture, as you’d expect. The colour is a pretty purple and the product foams a little as you use it. Afterwards there is a subtle scent left on the skin. Overall I was pleased with this product.


The next product I tried was the lavender and tea tree hair wash (50ml), also from their apothecary range. The hair wash is also fairly thick and strongly scented of lavender. I needed to use quite a bit before I felt I had a good coverage (my hair is quite long) but there was still plenty left in the bottle. After my hair had dried it felt clean and light, and still held that lovely lavender scent. I especially liked the lavender products as it’s a scent which I really enjoy and because I shower at night it relaxed me before going to bed.


The next day I tried the shampoo from the pure range (100ml), the oils in this shampoo are orange, lemon and geranium and it also contains pro vitamin B5. I wasn’t fussed on this one, I felt like the scent was quite masculine and while I liked how clean it left my hair I couldn’t get past the smell.


The fourth product I tried was the bergamot and ginger conditioner (50ml), from their feel good formulas range. This conditioner also has pro vitamin B5. The product is creamy and not too thick, and while it smells pretty neutral in the bottle it has a lovely almost spicy scent when you use it. I also found that it washes out easily, compared to some other conditioners I have tried.


The last product I tried was the lavender and lemongrass shampoo (50ml), also from their feel good formulas range. This shampoo wasn’t as nice as the hair wash, it smelt artificial and weak in comparison. It smells more like generic soap, which is disappointing as there is lavender oil in the shampoo. It does its job when it comes to cleaning the hair, but you are left with that soapy smell in the hair and I would have preferred to be left with a lavender scent.


Each of these bottles cost £2.50, and while I know that travel sizes are quite expensive I feel like they weren’t really worth that price. I really liked some products and disliked others but I have found cheaper shampoos in bigger bottles that really work for me so I probably wouldn’t buy any other products from Arran Aromatics. That being said I have had a look through their website and picked out a few more products which I might like to try. These are their green tea eye cooler gel, seaweed and mineral salt scrub, and apricot, mint and coriander skin smoother.

Hope you’re having a good night


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