Graze Wednesdays part two


I really like Graze, so this is my second weekly review of my Graze box. It’s very easy to adjust your dietary preferences on their website. While they state that cross contamination is likely, so those with true allergies may want to avoid, you can find vegan, milk free, soya free and gluten free snacks, as well as plenty of choice for vegetarians. Once you have restricted your dietary preferences you may then choose to click ‘try’, ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘bin’ on the remaining snacks to create a list of snacks for them to send to you. The process is fairly easy and I made some surprising findings, such as their cheese cashews being vegan. They offer five varieties of their snack box, as well as a breakfast box, a kid’s box, and a box with larger sharing bags which is obviously more expensive than their regular boxes. So there’s plenty of choice. Another thing I love about Graze is that they fund a school of farming in rural Uganda, enabling people to learn how to grow crops, you can find out more about this school here.

Now on to the review, this week the tubs I got were the Belgian speculoos, salt and vinegar nut selection, beach bum and wild rice and beans.


The Belgian speculoos (30g) is basically cinnamon flavoured pretzel sticks with a cookie butter dip which tastes like Lotus biscuits. While I do like Lotus biscuits in moderation, having cinnamon in both the butter and the pretzel sticks was a bit too much for me. I also thought the cookie dip was a little too thick and hard for me to properly coat the pretzel sticks. Otherwise, it was a decent snack with just enough of a portion that it didn’t make me feel sick from the sugary cookie butter.


Ingredients: Cinnamon pretzel sticks (wheat flour, sunflower oil, cinnamon (4%), malted barley flour, yeast, salt, raising agent: bicarbonate of soda), Cookie butter (speculoos cookies (50%) (fortified plain wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), sugar syrup, vegetable oils (palm, coconut, rapeseed), raw cane sugar, soy flour, invert sugar, raising agent: bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt), vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed), sugar, emulsifier: soya lecithin.

The second pack I ate was the salt and vinegar nut selection (38g) which consists of flavoured peanuts and almonds. I liked that the whole packet was flavoured, no plain nuts this time! I was, however, a bit dubious that I would enjoy salt and vinegar seasoning on nuts. I was wrong, the seasoning worked well to cut through the fattiness which sometimes comes with eating nuts. There was a tang on the tongue which was lovely, but I wished there had been a little more salt. This pack has high levels of vitamin E and magnesium, and also contains 9.7g of protein.


Ingredients: Salt and vinegar peanuts (peanuts (94%), salt and vinegar seasoning (6%) (rice flour, salt, citric acid, tapioca and/or maize starch, maltodextrin, sugar, yeast extract powder, natural flavourings)), Salt and vinegar almonds (almonds (95%), salt and vinegar seasoning (4%) (rice flour, salt, citric acid, tapioca and/or maize starch, maltodextrin, sugar, yeast extract powder, natural flavourings)).

The third box I opened was one that I was very excited by, despite having this combination many times. It was beach bum (29g), which is dried pineapple, coconut flakes and banana coins. This is my favourite combination of dried fruit and Graze did not disappoint. The fruit was sweet, full of flavour and had a good chew whilst being soft. The coconut had a good little crunch despite also being moist and the pineapple was not too fibrous. I really enjoyed this pack, but I still prefer the taste of the same product from Urban Fruit which I reviewed here.


Ingredients: pineapple, coconut flakes, banana coins.

The last packet I tried was the Louisiana wild rice and beans (30g), this was wild rice sticks and chilli broad beans. The wild rice sticks were a little strange, they had a good crunch and I liked the puffed rice but there was a flavour to it despite there being no seasoning, perhaps it was the turmeric, or some chilli from the beans, but I thought it tasted slightly of chive. The chilli broad beans are an item which I have had previously and were equally delicious this time round, a good amount of flavour and heat, and a great crunch.


Ingredients: wild rice sticks (wheat flour, rapeseed oil, puffed wild rice (11%), salt, colour: turmeric), chilli broad beans (broad beans, sunflower oil, salt, chilli).

Hope you have a great day, I’m trying to get over a nasty cold 😦


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