Chocolate pancakes and coconut mocha

Afternoon to you all 🙂

The other day I decided to use the last of my egg replacer to make pancakes, mainly because I had run out of bread to make the French toast that I really love (you can find the recipe in this post). While I was mixing the dry ingredients something caught my eye, the cocoa powder. I thought ‘why not make chocolate pancakes?’ Without using any directions I may have added a little too much cocoa but I thought they were still nice. When I make pancakes I basically use the same recipe as I use for the French toast batter and I couldn’t tell you how much cocoa I used, maybe two tablespoons. If you want to make them then you be the judge of how much to use.


When the pancakes were cooked through I added a little maple syrup on top and made myself a coconut mocha with barley coffee and coconut choc shot. So chocolate overload!


As you can see from the photos I made a small portion of the pancakes, and unless you are a chocolate fiend I wouldn’t make any more than that as it’s quite rich, especially with the mocha on top.


Hope you have an amazing day


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