Trek peanut power bar

Hello world!

Another quick product review for you today as I’m off out to volunteer at a counselling centre, and by a stroke of coincidence am then off to have a counselling session myself (first session with a new counsellor). This time it’s the peanut power Trek bar (55g), I got this bar from Holland & Barrett for another of my bus time munches.


Now I know I told myself I wouldn’t try any more bars with dates in them as I have a real issue with them, no matter what else is in the bar but I was hoping that my absolute love of peanuts would win the day. I’m really sorry to say that I was wrong, there was an overriding taste of dried fruit which I felt covered the nutty taste of the bar, and I didn’t like the soya protein crunchies. I wouldn’t buy the bar again but if you don’t mind, or if you like dates in your bars then go for it. The bar contains 10g of protein, is full of healthy ingredients and is a real pick me up, it’s just the taste wasn’t for me. I paid £1.35 for the bar, which is a little steep in my opinion.

Ingredients: Dates (33%), soya protein crispies (15%) (soya protein, tapioca starch, salt), fruit juice concentrate (apple, grape, pear) (12%), peanut butter (11%), raisins (11%), peanuts (9%), gluten free oats (6%), soya flour, natural flavourings, rice starch, and salt.

Have a great day


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