Superdrug Limited Edition Pear Drops Shampoo

Evening all,

Today I am taking a break from all the food reviews and recipes to let you know that I finally got my mitts on a bottle of Superdrug’s limited edition pear drops shampoo! As they didn’t have it in my local store I had to order online, taking advantage of the free delivery offer with my health & beauty card. I also picked up a couple of essentials which I will post about soon.


The shampoo reminds me a lot of the jelly bean spray, it’s sweet but not too sweet, although it didn’t remind me too much of pear drops. There’s something really nice about these sweet shop products, they aren’t overdone. You don’t feel like it’s a product for children because they have musky tones behind the sweetness which make it feel adult. This shampoo also has vitamin B5 so it’s great for your hair. I found that the scent really stayed in the hair after drying and left my hair feeling soft and silky. I have really been loving this shampoo and I’ve used it every day since it came in the post. The bottle is £1.99 which is well worth it in my opinion, but is also on a buy one get one free offer right now so you could pick the matching conditioner up as well.

Hope you’ve had a great day


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