Pea puree on pasta and toast

Afternoon all! Here’s another recipe for you today, it’s adapted from this recipe, obviously I left out the cheese for mine but I added some herbs and mint. I divided the mixture between two dishes, half went into a freshly cooked and drained pot of pasta, the other half was spread onto garlic toast (which IContinue reading “Pea puree on pasta and toast”

Sausages, dumplings and bean pate

Afternoon everyone, I’ve just woken up from my first nap in ages and I’m still ill but here’s another review post for you. Some days I just decide to cook, or prepare a bunch of things. This is only sometimes as I often have days where I mentally feel like I can’t do anything. MakingContinue reading “Sausages, dumplings and bean pate”

Chocolate pancakes and coconut mocha

Afternoon to you all 🙂 The other day I decided to use the last of my egg replacer to make pancakes, mainly because I had run out of bread to make the French toast that I really love (you can find the recipe in this post). While I was mixing the dry ingredients something caught myContinue reading “Chocolate pancakes and coconut mocha”

Graze Wednesdays part two

Afternoon! I really like Graze, so this is my second weekly review of my Graze box. It’s very easy to adjust your dietary preferences on their website. While they state that cross contamination is likely, so those with true allergies may want to avoid, you can find vegan, milk free, soya free and gluten freeContinue reading “Graze Wednesdays part two”

Arran Aromatics review

Evening everyone, This post is a review of a few travel sized toiletries which my mother bought me from Arran Aromatics in Scotland. Their website states that the vast majority of their formulations do not contain animal ingredients (with the exception of some bee products in a few formulations). Their statement says they are also concernedContinue reading “Arran Aromatics review”

Onion and garlic soup with garlic toast

Evening everyone, hope you’ve had a wonderful Monday. I had a lot of fresh garlic left over from other recipes and so I decided to make a onion and garlic soup recipe which I had seen on A Girl Called Jack’s blog. I don’t buy fresh onions because they don’t last in my house (it’sContinue reading “Onion and garlic soup with garlic toast”

Superdrug floral fresh shave gel

Evening everyone, hope your weekend has been a good one! I apologise for not posting yesterday, after I came home I suffered with a pretty bad headache so I rubbed on some peppermint oil and went to bed. Here’s a little review for you today While I have been using coconut oil for shaving, IContinue reading “Superdrug floral fresh shave gel”

Baked polenta fries and Welsh onion cake

Evening all, sorry for the late blog. I’ve been in Cardiff all day today and have only just got home. I have two recipes for you today. I have a lot of polenta at home and sometimes I can’t be bothered to make a creamy version so it’s kind of just sat there for aContinue reading “Baked polenta fries and Welsh onion cake”

Superdrug limited edition sweet shop range

Afternoon! When I saw that Superdrug had a limited edition sweet shop range I went to my local store at the earliest opportunity and paid in 20p coins (because that’s all I have left right now). I bought three of the products as that was all they had in my store. The first product IContinue reading “Superdrug limited edition sweet shop range”

First Graze box review

Afternoon everyone! Last week I had my first Graze delivery and I thought I would review my box every week (hopefully on a Wednesday) to let you know what I thought about the snacks I received. It was very easy to go into dietary requirements and click vegan options only, and then I went intoContinue reading “First Graze box review”