Tesco free from chocolate desserts

Hello again! Here’s the last review for tonight, I can’t go to my grandmother’s house without having various food items practically stuffed down my throat, I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m skinny but I can’t escape the feeling that she’s trying to fatten me up for Christmas! While we were shopping I decided toContinue reading “Tesco free from chocolate desserts”

Tesco free from strawberry and vanilla cones

Evening everyone, I’m a bit behind on posting these last two reviews so I’m going to post them both at once, While I was looking for free from products in Tesco I came across something I hadn’t seen before and I had to buy it to see what it was like. I’m talking about strawberryContinue reading “Tesco free from strawberry and vanilla cones”

Pimlico vegetarian fruit jellies

Afternoon all! Here’s another little review for you, a few more are coming today. Recently my mum took a trip and brought back some vegetarian sweets for my brother and me to share. These were vegetarian fruit jellies from Pimlico. These little fruit jellies were lovely and came in strawberry, blackberry, apple, pineapple, orange andContinue reading “Pimlico vegetarian fruit jellies”

Tesco free from chocolate bar

Evening everyone, here’s the last review for tonight Not too long ago I bought a free from chocolate bar from Tesco, this bar is pretty much the same product as the Sainsbury’s bar I recently reviewed, minus the rice puffs. The chocolate is very sweet and is quite soft to bite, melting quickly in theContinue reading “Tesco free from chocolate bar”

Bomb cosmetics shower soap

Morning everyone, I recently received a little shower soap from Bomb Cosmetics as a gift. The soap was in the scent ‘shower flower’ and was £3.99. I must be honest, I wasn’t fussed on this product. The scent is subtle when you wash with it, and after drying the skin just smells of generic soap.Continue reading “Bomb cosmetics shower soap”

When you wish upon a star

Hi everyone, Now is the point where I should probably do an August favourites, but because I haven’t had much of a chance to try new products, and I don’t want to repeat my favourites from July, I thought I’d do something different. I’m going to post some of my wishlist so you can seeContinue reading “When you wish upon a star”