Nature’s Store orange chocolate rice cakes

Hello again, I promised another review for tonight so here you go, it’s the Nature’s Store orange chocolate rice cakes. Orange chocolate is my absolute favourite type of chocolate so I thought these would be something different that I could try. They were quite rich so I was only able to eat one or twoContinue reading “Nature’s Store orange chocolate rice cakes”

Graze Wednesdays (on a Thursday again!)

Evening everyone, I couldn’t post yesterday so I’m posting my usual Graze Wednesday review today. This week I got soy roasted seeds, Boston baguettes, jaffa cake flapjacks and triple berry smoothie. The first box I opened was the soy roasted seeds because I hadn’t tried them before, even though I have eaten other brands ofContinue reading “Graze Wednesdays (on a Thursday again!)”

Alpro caramel dessert

Evening all, I’ve been busy making Christmas presents and cleaning, so business as usual. Today I’m going to review Alpro’s caramel dessert. I’ve tried every one of these little pudding tubs except the gingerbread variety, and I don’t like that flavour so this caramel one is the final destination on my Alpro dessert journey. TheContinue reading “Alpro caramel dessert”

Bumper Violife review

Happy Sunday morning! The clocks went back and I’ve been up since 8am. I had a particularly annoying day yesterday which ended with me accidentally spraying glue in my face while making Christmas presents. Awful. Anyway, today I thought I would post about my experience with Violife. The first variety I tried was the classicContinue reading “Bumper Violife review”

Linda McCartney sausages

Afternoon everyone, Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I had a long day of cleaning and getting ready for making my Christmas DIY presents. Today I’m going to review another product for you, this time it’s the original Linda McCartney sausages. I remember having these when I was younger in breakfasts at restaurants and I neverContinue reading “Linda McCartney sausages”

Graze Wednesdays Part 7

Morning! It’s Wednesday again so time for another Graze review, this week I received the Louisiana wild rice and beans, the cocoa and vanilla protein flapjack, beach bum, and dark chocolate rocky road. The first box I opened was the Louisiana wild rice and beans, which is wild rice sticks and chilli broad beans. IContinue reading “Graze Wednesdays Part 7”

Tofurky hickory smoke flavour turkey style slices

Afternoon everybody, Here’s another review for you, this time it’s the Tofurky hickory smoke flavour turkey style slices. I had seen a lot of talk about this American brand online and needed something for a sandwich so when I saw this product in Holland & Barrett I had to try it. These were £2.85 for aContinue reading “Tofurky hickory smoke flavour turkey style slices”

Maple, banana and peanut butter porridge

Evening all, I’ve been trying a few new things recently, and am writing quite a lot of reviews at the moment as well as sorting out a lot of things and visiting the people in my life. It takes a lot of energy to get through a day so I need a breakfast that fillsContinue reading “Maple, banana and peanut butter porridge”