Snacks, snacks and more snacks


It’s a late post for today, I’m going to review some snacks for you. The first is Sainbury’s bacon crispies, these are pretty much frazzles and my only issue with them was that the seasoning wasn’t evenly distributed so some had way too much and were a little uncomfortable to eat. They are £1 for 6 packets of 20g so I reckon they are pretty good value. I had a couple of packets dipped in houmous and that made a great combination.


Ingredients: Rice flour, maize, sunflower oil, dried potato, yeast extract, yeast powder, sugar, salt, flavourings, Beetroot Juice, acid: citric acid, and colour: paprika extract.

The next snack I bought recently was Urban Fruit dried strawberries, I’ve tried other varieties of Urban Fruit before but this was my first time eating the strawberries. They were delicious and soft but still had substance to them. They also had a beautiful flavour, almost like jam, and let’s just say they didn’t last long. I bought this 35g pack in Wilkinson’s for £1 but I know they are widely available and also available as a 90g bag.


Ingredients: Just dried strawberries and a dash of apple juice.

The final two snacks were picked up in the hospital, in a WHSmiths. They are bread snacks from Crosta and Mollica. I bought the tarallini with fennel seed and the oregano crostini. I quite liked the fennel one, I’ve had this style of snack before, I don’t particularly like the taste of liquorice but these are just something a little different and are really tasty. The crostini was a little disappointing, I felt they lacked flavour and could have done with something like sun dried tomato for me to enjoy them. They were a bit too large and crumbly as well. I probably wouldn’t buy them again. I can’t remember exactly because I didn’t get a receipt but I think I paid £1.99 for both packs on offer.

IMG_1263 IMG_1264

Ingredients: Tarallini- Wheat flour, white wine, vegetable oil, extra virgin olive oil (8%), fennel seeds (1%), and salt. Crostini- Wheat flour, olive oil (14%), salt, yeast, and oregano (0.3%).

Hope you’ve had a great Saturday, I’m off on an adventure tomorrow


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