The Co-Operative custard doughnuts

Evening everyone,

I had a fab day at the antique fair yesterday, I took a couple of photos that I will probably put on Instagram soon. I also had an interview today and I will find out if I have got the job tomorrow, I’m excited at the prospect of being able to move into a decent house soon. Until then it’s the little treats I buy that keep me happy, after trying the Co-Op jam doughnuts a while ago (review here) I went back to buy a pack of the custard variety. As you may have seen in my bargain post I picked up this pack of 5 for 35p, so a bargain indeed.


They were just as doughy, fluffy and sugary as the jam variety, but with a thick yellow filling in place of the jam. The custard was actually quite nice, I’m not sure it would please a custard connoisseur (if those even exist) but I enjoyed it, it was sweet and had a good vanilla taste. I would definitely buy these again, even at their full price.

Hope you’ve had a great Monday


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4 thoughts on “The Co-Operative custard doughnuts

  1. I’m so glad you posted about these, I had no idea they were vegan, I’d just presumed they weren’t! I went straight to Co-op near work this morning and grabbed two bags (to share, obviously… 😀 )

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