A cat toy review

Afternoon everyone,

Before I post my review post today I thought I’d also review a cat toy which I bought recently. It’s the cat’s meow, a similar product to that one from JML which has been advertised on TV. It’s basically a motor with a stick which travels round in a circle. You lay the blanket over the top and it entices the cat to chase, pretty much the same as wiggling your toes underneath the duvet. I paid just over £11 for this on Amazon.


This is the product, it took me a minute to figure out that the yellow cover attaches underneath the controls, this keeps in place while the toy is on. The stick inside has a little red plastic bit which hangs out of the cover like a mouse’s tail and so the cats can chase it.


This the the controls, there are four settings (slow, middle, fast and random), you press the button to change settings and to turn it on and off so it is very simple.

And here’s some photos of Spock and Harley trying it out.

IMG_1292 IMG_1296 IMG_1320 IMG_1332

Harley was a bit freaked out but got a few attacks in, Spock was quite happy to bash the moving parts. I’m not quite sure it was worth what I paid for it but they seemed to enjoy playing with the toy.

There’s a product review coming in a moment


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