Another little M&S post

Evening everyone,

Sorry it’s late and I didn’t post yesterday. I accepted a job offer and tonight I went to see Suffragette, it was a great film. Here’s another little M&S post for you.

I accompanied my grandparents on another trip to Marks & Spencer and was on the lookout for things I hadn’t tried before. I came across a brand of snacks called Dilly & Wolf, plainly labelled as vegan, and snapped up their two offerings.

First the British fava beans with sea salt and cider vinegar. What I like about this brand is their addition of British flavours to well-known classics. I love roasted broad beans but I’ve never had salt and vinegar flavour before, and this is cider vinegar so even better! The cider vinegar flavour is quite strong, but really tangy and lovely, and I noticed that these beans are smaller and more refined than habas fritas. They are crunchy, crumbly, and full flavoured. I will definitely buy these again.

IMG_1628 IMG_1630

Ingredients:  Fava beans (broad beans) (86%), rapeseed oil, cider vinegar powder (7%), and sea salt.

I also picked up a pack of British peas with wasabi and horseradish. Again, there was a little twist here, the peas were tiny and halved, not the usual large and heavily coated wasabi peas you usually see. They were quite refined. The taste was strong but not so strong that it made my eyes water, and I gladly finished the pack over the course of the day.

IMG_1625 IMG_1626

Ingredients: Green peas (87%), rapeseed oil, wasabi and horseradish flavour seasoning (rice flour, salt, horseradish powder, natural flavourings [including natural mustard flavouring, natural chilli flavouring], chickpea flour, colour: chlorophylls, sea salt.

The 80g pots cost £1.50 so reasonable value, and both the beans and peas contain high quantities of fibre and protein.

Another item I found was jalapeno giant corn, this is an M&S own brand product. I would say that I’m disappointed in the name, there is a small amount of jalapeno in the corn and the taste is closer to a salsa or chilli than a proper jalapeno taste. That’s not to say that the corn doesn’t taste nice. It has a great crunch and a deep flavour. Although the corn has a tendency to have a slightly burnt taste and I would have preferred more spice. Not sure if I’d buy these again. I paid £1.70 for 140g.


Ingredients: Corn (80%), sunflower oil, salt, dried paprika, dried onions, dried tomatoes, rice flour, sugar, dried yeast extract, dried yeast, dried bell peppers, dried garlic, dried cumin, dried chillies, cayenne extract, colour paprika extract, dried jalapeno chilli, and dried oregano.

Hope you’ve had a great day,


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One thought on “Another little M&S post

  1. M&S Jalapeno Giant Corn bought for £2 yesterday in Inverness…. horrendous! So hard, that my guests didn’t go back for a second taste, for fear of their back teeth and / or dentures !


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