Essentials review


As I haven’t had any money to buy many new beauty products I thought I’d give a review of new basic products from Superdrug that I have been using.

In terms of oral care I recently switched from Sainsbury’s to Superdrug and picked up the Pro Care 6 in 1 mouthwash and the Pro Care sensitive whitening toothpaste. I really like this mouthwash, and it’s a long overdue addition to my regime. The taste reminds me of being at the dentist, and that’s no bad thing, it’s very minty and has a long lasting clean feeling.


The toothpaste is sensitive and whitening, although I haven’t noticed much difference in the latter. Although it is very gentle compared to other whitening toothpastes I’ve tried, so it may just take time for it to work fully. It also works very well to keep your mouth clean and fresh, I’m happy to keep both as part of my beauty regime.


The mouthwash is £2.49 and the toothpaste is £1.99 but they are usually on some kind of offer.

In terms of hair removal I’m quite happy with what I use at the moment, however I picked up two little additions to try out. The first is the bikini razors, they are really useful for their original purpose but I also find that they are great for use on the face as well.


Additionally I got a pack of hair remover mitts which are basically fine sandpaper. The idea is that you use circular motions to remove stubble. I bought them thinking I could use them to prolong the feel of a shave but they didn’t really work, and plus they irritated my skin.


I think I’m going to have to take the plunge and buy an epilator. Both the bikini razors and the mitts come in a pack of three which costs £1.99.

Hope you have a lovely day


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