Maple, banana and peanut butter porridge

Evening all,

I’ve been trying a few new things recently, and am writing quite a lot of reviews at the moment as well as sorting out a lot of things and visiting the people in my life. It takes a lot of energy to get through a day so I need a breakfast that fills me up and keeps me going. I love porridge so much and have done a little experimentation which I thought I would share.

I recently made maple syrup, banana and peanut butter porridge. I have tried various combinations of this, with both crunchy and smooth peanut butter, with a little vanilla extract, with grated vegan chocolate, and with linseed and walnut topping. The photos I am going to post are the most simple version of this breakfast that you can make. It is simple, quick and delicious and would recommend it to everyone.

To make it you will need; porridge oats (I use supermarket basic ones), maple syrup (I use Clark’s), banana (I use one half banana per bowl, mashed), milk (amount is in relation to how much oats you are using, I hardly ever measure anything while cooking, I use soya milk, you could use coconut, almond, oat, the list goes on), and peanut butter (amounts vary depending on how much you like peanut butter, I use two heaped tablespoons).

Here’s the finished product, it’s warm, gooey, fruity and nourishing. I make this quite often in the morning now, and am never looking back.


Hope you’ve had a great Monday


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