Dinner at Mosaic (Review)

Morning all!

I’m up early to visit my grandparents, but also partly because the people who live above me put their phone on the floor and are the kind of people who have to snooze their alarm about 6 times before they wake up. Grr. Today I’m going to review a meal I recently had at Mosaic Swansea. We went there for a friends birthday and the other three were meat eaters so I’m just going to focus on what I ate, and for the first time I’ll let you know what I was wearing.

Mosaic is a tapas restaurant hidden down a little alley and it’s a real gem, the staff are fantastic and the atmosphere is great. However, the low lighting isn’t great for taking photos of the delicious food.

For a starter my husband and I shared a basket of rustic bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, there was a good variety of bread and it was fresh and lovely.


Honourable mention goes to my friends’ starter, chilli stuffed olives which look like witches fingers!


For my main I ordered the mock duck in jerk sauce, my husband ordered the same dish with real duck and found the sauce too spicy. For me the sauce was perfect, it was quite spicy but I enjoyed it and found the texture of the mock duck very nice. I wasn’t sure what it was made from but it was a little like tofu, it was very tasty. I just wished that I’d had some veg or rice to mix it with, but I dipped my bread in the leftover sauce. I also had some sweet potato fries to share and they were also amazing.

IMG_3195  IMG_3196

Finally, for dessert I had a vegan chocolate and caramel mousse, this was the only part of the meal that I was disappointed in. The texture was much more like an Alpro dessert than a mousse, and while it tasted okay, it was a bit of a let down.


I have eaten at Mosaic before, and I will definitely eat there again. Maybe next time I’ll avoid the dessert and order an extra small plate for my main.

Oh and as a bonus, this is what I wore. I have very little choice in clothes as my damp house has ruined a lot of my wardrobe. I wore a pencil skirt with a tank top tucked in, a cardigan, and you can’t see but I’m wearing wedges as well. Excuse all the stuff behind me, there’s no room for storage in my flat.


Hope Friday goes well for you, I’m excited for Halloween tomorrow


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