Tesco strawberry and coconut milkshake

Morning everyone, I’m off out to an antiques fair where I can hopefully take some lovely photos, but here’s a little review for you. I recently tried Tesco’s strawberry and coconut milkshake. This is a little 200ml carton, so it would be great for kids, I found it creamy and sweet but I really shouldContinue reading “Tesco strawberry and coconut milkshake”

Snacks, snacks and more snacks

Evening! It’s a late post for today, I’m going to review some snacks for you. The first is Sainbury’s bacon crispies, these are pretty much frazzles and my only issue with them was that the seasoning wasn’t evenly distributed so some had way too much and were a little uncomfortable to eat. They are £1Continue reading “Snacks, snacks and more snacks”

Free from chocolate review

Evening everyone, I’m hosting a Twitter chat tonight but I thought I’d post this quickly beforehand (and also because I lost a 1000 word post on here earlier and can’t be bothered to write it again right now). I went and bought another free from chocolate bar, this is basically the bar I reviewed here butContinue reading “Free from chocolate review”