Chippa gluten and egg free mayo

Evening everyone,

Sorry for the late post, not been having the best week. Here’s a short review on a product that I really didn’t like. It’s the Chippa Gluten Free Mayo.


I needed something to put in my sandwiches other than olive spread and this seemed like a really good idea. I haven’t eaten vegan mayonnaise before, so I’m not sure how this stands up to other brands but it wasn’t great. I ate it in my sandwiches with Tofurky slices and violife, the slices and cheese masked the mayonnaise so in that respect the product worked well. However, when I tasted it by itself I really disliked it, I can’t really describe the taste but it just wasn’t right. I also ate it with falafel in a pitta bread, mixed it with garlic butter and had it on the side of dishes to dip chips in. I gave it several tries in several ways and it just didn’t make the cut. I might try a couple of other brands to see whether it’s the product or my taste buds but I definitely won’t be buying this again. I paid ¬£1.50 for the 280g bottle in Sainsbury’s.

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil (46%), water, deionised apple extract (6%), modified maize starch, soya protein isolate, salt, acidity regulators (acetic acid, citric acid), stabiliser (xanthan gum), and mustard flour.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend,


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