Coyo yoghurt review

Evening everyone,

How’s your day been? Today I have a coconut yoghurt review for you, I have tried two products from Coyo. The only coconut yoghurts I’ve eaten so far are from the Coconut Collaborative (reviews here and here) so I was interested to see whether there were any differences between the yoghurts.

The regular yoghurt wasn’t that different, it was still sharp, creamy and full of flavour, however I found it slightly thicker. The taste was much the same and I enjoyed it just as much as the Coconut Collaborative yoghurt. I do think that these yoghurts either need to be sweeter or be eaten with fruit puree. I paid £1 for the 125g pot at Tesco as it was reduced (regular price is £2).


Ingredients: Coconut milk (99%), tapioca starch, and live vegan yoghurt cultures.

The second yoghurt I tried was the raw chocolate variety. This was an interesting eat, it was so rich from the coconut and chocolate that I couldn’t finish the pot. There was an extra layer of bitterness from the cacao but somehow it worked really well with the coconut. The product was creamy, thick and very delicious. I paid £2 for the 125g pot at Tesco.

IMG_1555 IMG_1556

Ingredients: Coconut milk (74%), cacao (25%) (cacao powder, stevia), tapioca starch, and live vegan yoghurt cultures.

As much as I struggle to eat these yoghurts due to their thickness and richness, and find soya or hemp desserts much easier to eat I think I would like to try the pineapple variety because coconut and pineapple combined is like heaven to me.

Hope you have a great night,


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