Violife for pizza

Hi everyone,

Apologies for being away for a while, I felt the need to stay away from most things on the internet after the recent attacks across the world. This was not only for my own mental health (which is already up and down) but because of the incessant Islamophobia I’ve witnessed on social media.

Well I’m back now (I would have been back yesterday but I had 9 hours of online courses to complete for my new job which resulted in a pretty bad migraine) and ready to give you another review.

Since becoming vegan I haven’t eaten pizza, I’m not that much of a pizza fan to be honest, I hardly ate it while being vegetarian, but sometimes the mood takes me. I came across a pack of Violife for pizza while looking for regular Violife and decided it was a sign, I added the pizza bases on my online order and already had everything else at home (Tofurky sausages, jalapenos, herbs and tomato puree). With the pack being £1.87 at my local health food store, and everything else being fairly inexpensive I was pretty pleased with the value for money here. I even made the second pizza base into a garlic bread with pure spread, garlic powder and some more grated Violife.

Now onto the review itself, this Violife had less flavour than other Violife blocks I have tried but it has more stretch and melting potential as well. It grated perfectly and performed well but it was still missing that cheesy, stretchy quality that a non-vegan pizza has. That’s not to say that all vegan pizzas are slightly disappointing, I haven’t tried any in restaurants but have seen photos which look amazing. Almost that ‘it can’t be vegan, surely?’ moment that sometimes happens. Would I make a pizza with this Violife again? Probably not, but I’ll keep an eye out for a better substitute for the next time the pizza mood strikes.

Ingredients: Water, coconut oil (21%), starch, modified starch, sea salt, vegan flavour, olive extract, and colour: beta-carotene.

Hope you are all okay



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