Orange spice Choc Shot

Evening everyone,

I’m back with another review. When I went to the dietitian not that long ago they said something which would help me gain weight was to have a hot milky drink a few times a day, and they said that dairy free milk would be fine, I could even add cream if I wanted some extra calories.

I’ve been drinking the coconut Choc Shot for a while and when I heard there was an orange version I had to find it, I love orange chocolate. My only concern is that I don’t like this type of spice, the Christmas kind of spice, and I was worried that I was about to buy something that I would hate. I don’t hate it, I absolutely l love it! Paired with the milk, which I heat in a saucepan, the hot chocolate is gorgeous, creamy and full of flavour. The spice is cardamom so that’s great, I was worried it was going to be flavoured with cinnamon or ginger, both of which I hate. While the 320g bottle cost me £3.50 at Tesco, it only takes a small amount to make a mug full so it’s actually great value. Especially if you consider the prices of hot chocolate in coffee shops, none of which are vegan (at least in my experience). I would definitely keep buying this product, I’d also like Sweet Freedom to make a mint or hazelnut version, although I could just buy the plain version and add my own flavourings.


Ingredients: Sweet Freedom® (natural fruit extracts; apples, grapes & carob), water, cocoa, rapeseed oil, natural flavours (chocolate, orange & cardamom).

Hope you’ve had a great day


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