Tomato and basil Violife slices

Hi everyone,

I have another little review for you today, this time it’s the tomato and basil Violife slices.


I really liked these slices, the texture was great, very much like real cheese slices. The tomato and basil flavour wasn’t as strong as I would have liked but there was also a cheese flavour behind it. They were really nice in sandwiches, plain, with salad and with meat substitutes. I’m not sure if I would buy this flavour again but I’m still on a mission to try every flavour of Violife. I paid £2.69 for the pack at my local health food store, which is okay value because it lasted me for a while.

Ingredients: Water,coconut oil (23%), modified starch, tomato juice (9%), starch, sea salt, basil, vegan flavour, and olive extract.

Hope you’ve had a great day, I’m working on some longer reviews and other posts so keep an eye out for those 🙂


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