Fry’s pepper steak style pies

Evening all,

Today I’m going to post a review of Fry’s pepper steak style pies, this is the first time I’ve eaten a Fry’s product (because I can only get the brand from health food stores and they are quite expensive in my opinion). I chose the pepper steak style pies simply because I haven’t eaten pies in a while.

I didn’t waste any time, cutting the pie straight open. I immediately noticed that the filling was very deep in colour. I tried some of the ‘steak’, it was a bit chewier than I expected but really tasty, the sauce was very peppery, again more so than expected. I think I would have actually preferred less salt and pepper in the sauce to be honest, but that was my only issue with the product. The pastry was perfect, soft, crumbly and flaky. Overall the pies tasted amazing and I would buy them again, I’m not sure what Fry’s product I will buy next but I will definitely be trying some more of their products when I feel like treating myself again. I paid £3.85 for two pies at Holland & Barrett.

Ingredients:Pastry (57 %): wheat flour (gluten), vegetable oil (sunflower seed & palm fruit), salt, lemon juice. Filling (43 %): vegetable protein (6 %) (contains soya), potato starch, modified starch, vegetable oil (sunflower seed), salt, onion, spices, flavourings, and colour: caramel.

Hope you’ve had a great day,