Spicy sweet and sour tofu

Evening all,

Today I’ve just been absolutely exhausted. I woke up with terrible anxiety and an unending pain in my chest from palpitations. None of my techniques have worked so I’ve been stuck with it. I’ve got a few things done in the house but not as much as I wanted but I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. I just hope that it goes away soon.

Today I have a review of a sauce that I used to make a stir fry, it’s the spicy sweet and sour sauce from Sainsbury’s. This is a rather large jar which allowed me to make two portions of stir fry so I was very happy about that. I love sweet and sour sauce, it’s probably my favourite accompaniment to tofu. This was also the first time I’ve prepared frozen tofu,  I usually just flatten it with books to drain the water.

IMG_1940 IMG_1944

The sauce was interesting because I’ve never had a spicy version before and I quite like spicy food. I really enjoyed the taste, and liked that it contained little bits of veg and fruit, especially the pineapple and water chestnuts. To make this I first fried the frozen tofu straight from the freezer, adding seasoning as it started to defrost. As it was frying I left a pack of instant noodles in a bowl of hot water so they partially cooked. I then added the sauce to the tofu whilst it was cooking, finally adding the noodles towards the end. The whole process was fairly quick, even if you take the preparation of the tofu into account. I would definitely buy this sauce again because it was delicious, I paid £1.10 for the 500g jar at Sainsburys. The tofu was also the best tofu I’ve ever made at home, but it just isn’t the same as the deep fried variety.


Ingredients: Water, sugar, rice wine vinegar (rice wine vinegar, preservative: sulphur dioxide), pineapple (6%), green pepper (5%), red pepper (5%), onion (5%), cornflour, tomato Purée, pineapple juice, water chestnut, concentrated pineapple juice, ginger purée, garlic purée, salt, red chilli (0.6%), rapeseed oil, colour: paprika extract, black pepper, and chilli powder.

Hope you have had a great day,


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