Passion Flower Beauty mineral eye shadows

Evening everyone,

I’ve been giving my skin a break from wearing makeup recently to let it clear up, but when I was offered the opportunity to try some mineral eye shadow from passion flower beauty how could I say no? All of the products I am about to review were sent to me free of charge but I have not been paid to write this review and will be giving my honest opinion.

Passion Flower Beauty produces natural and organic cosmetics, seeking to provide great quality products for a good price. The independent company sells handmade products which are never tested on animals, they also avoid animal derivatives in their formulations. Their eyeshadows are made from arrowroot powders, unsweetened cocoa and all-natural mica powders. This company was founded this year in Colorado by Misty (who is extremely lovely).

All the links to Passion Fruit Beauty can be found below if you fancy a gander, or just to keep up to date with news, offers and new colours.




This was my first time experimenting with mineral eye shadows so they took a little getting used to, after all, I’m not a makeup guru! I read a few guides online which suggested tapping off the excess product (which I had been doing) and applying it to the eyelid with a slow patting motion. Once I started the patting technique the fallout of colour and glitter on my face was reduced and a lot easier to clean off. I also found that applying my eye makeup before my foundation was much easier than trying to clean glitter off a freshly made up face. With a few attempts I feel like I got better at using the shadows and hopefully with a little more practice I can improve again. It was also a bit strange seeing colour on my eyes as I am so used to basic natural makeup that I almost didn’t recognise myself in the mirror.

I absolutely love these shadows, the pigmentation is great so you don’t need many applications to bring out the full colour (with some shades I only needed one sweep), and they also feel really soft on the skin. Additionally, the glitter didn’t irritate my sensitive skin even slightly. It’s also really nice to have products from a small business which is really passionate about their products and doesn’t test on animals. They also ship worldwide and have regular offers so take a look at their range and you might just find the perfect colour for you.  The eye shadows are supposed to last for 12 hours but I didn’t wear them for that long, in the few hours that I did wear them they didn’t budge so I don’t doubt that claim. The shadows come in 5g pots and will be labelled in the future so you know exactly what shade you are applying. Having mainly used palettes and quads before these little pots were so sweet!

So onto the colours that I tried. I must make you aware of a few things before I continue, the weather here has been absolutely terrible so there has been barely any natural light. The first few photos are taken with some photography lamps so the colours are a little off. You may be able to gauge the colours better on PFB’s website. Secondly, I did take photos up close with the shadows on my eyes, not really feeling my skin at the moment so be kind. Also, I am aware I need to sort my eyebrows out, I’ll get there eventually. In the few of the shots I am wearing other makeup, in others I am only wearing the shadows, no eyeliner or mascara. Another thing is that usually I will edit my photos but I thought that to stay true to what the camera captured I have not edited the photos in this post at all, only cropped to hide my acne from the world! Finally (phew), I’m pretty sure I have cat hair on my face in a few of the photos, please excuse that, if you have long haired cats you’ll know how it is. Constantly covered in the stuff from head to toe.


Here’s a photo of the pots I was sent, they are all super cute.


And here’s a bunch of swatches on my arm, as you can see the shadows are very pigmented and shimmery.


I’m going to start with my least favourite shadow, Okie Dokie Artichokie ($4). This is a pretty green colour with a little shimmer, but I kind of shy away from green shadows. Though I feel like they compliment my red hair I tend to only use them when I dress up as Poison Ivy. Also as you can see from the photos below it was the least pigmented of all the shadows I tried, so it just wasn’t as impressive on camera. I probably could have layered it a little more and improved the colour, that’s something I’m going to have to try in the future.




The next shadow I’m going to talk about is Jellyfish ($4.50). This shade is supposed to be a soft sea foam green but I found it to be quite blue, it reminded me of Princess Elsa, very icy and pale. It’s a beautiful shade and I enjoyed wearing it. It’s just a shame I don’t have a lipstick which matches.




The third shadow is Flamingo ($4). This is definitely a shade which is out of my comfort zone, I am not a girl who loves pink! However I’ll give everything a chance and I actually quite liked it, I don’t know if I personally would wear this outside but it is very pretty and sparkly. If you love pink you will LOVE this shade.



The next shade is Temptress ($3.75). This is a deep, dark shimmery purple which is a gorgeous shade. I found it a little too dark to wear by itself (coupled with my dark circles it made me look like I had a black eye) so I paired it with the Flamingo for the photos. This combination was beautiful, the Flamingo brightened the Temptress and the Temptress calmed down the bright pink of the Flamingo.




The last two shades were my favourite combination, I felt like they were both a little too pigmented to be worn alone. The first is Sacred Ra ($4), a lovely orange-bronze shade with plenty of shimmer.


IMG_2062The second shade is Copperhead ($4), a bright and shimmery gold. These shades combined made me feel very Autumnal (despite it now being Winter with all it’s miserable weather).

IMG_2066I hope you can see from the photos below how well the colours work together, and how pigmented they are. These were my favourite shades overall, I just think they are beautiful.




So that’s it, I think I had a lot to say about this company, and when I’m able to apply the shadows a bit better I think I will invest in a few more shades because they are good value for money. I found most of the shadows I tried to have good pigmentation and they were soft on my eyes, and most importantly, very easy to remove with just a makeup wipe. Also the customer service is great, helpful and friendly, which is very important to me.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic day,



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2 thoughts on “Passion Flower Beauty mineral eye shadows

  1. I have also never tried mineral makeup so this is definitely on my list now. I can’t believe how pigmented the colours are! I really like the two that you like as well but I also think that the blue looks gorgeous on you. If you use a little bit of eyeliner or dark brown eyeshadow on the base of your eyelashes then it might be a little more wearable. Or if you used a thin brush and apply it almost like eyeliner then it might be nice for Christmas time.

    Wonderful review, can’t wait to

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