2016 goals

Evening all,

In the place of a usual review post tonight I decided that I’d write a little post on my goals for 2016 instead. As this is a spur of the moment post I am just typing what comes into my head as I go along, no planning has gone into this post so I might ramble a little, forgive me.

My main goal at the moment is to start my job, I had a conditional offer two months ago and have jumped through every hoop, I am ringing tomorrow to find out what’s happening so fingers crossed. When I start this job it will be the first time I’ve worked since before I began my degree in September 2012. That is a very long time to live on very little income, especially as I have been unemployed since June this year. So yeah, a full time income would be much appreciated as I feel it’s the only thing standing between me and my next goal.

My next goal is to move house, I’ve lived in a series of poor quality housing, in crappy areas of my city, usually with some stompy asshat living above. My current flat is plagued by damp and mould and I live below a group of students who like to ‘bang out the tunes’ and play electric guitar really loud. My ideal place is near a transport route to work, a place which is clean and dry with access to the full house, it’ll be the first time I’ve had stairs in three years and also the first time my cats will have seen stairs, I’m hoping for some funny videos.

My third goal is to celebrate my three year anniversary with my husband, this year has been very trying with all the housing and money issues so being able to celebrate it in style will be really great. We got married on the anniversary of us getting together as well so it will also be our 6 year anniversary of being together. 🙂

I’m not sure if the next goal will be completed next year but we are hoping to get a dog, I’ll be pushing to adopt one but I’m not sure what will happen as the dog is my husband’s domain. I’ve never had a dog before, I’m definitely a cat person, so I’m sure it will be a learning experience.

In terms of my health I have several goals I want to reach next year, I want to be in a better place with my mental health. I feel like I’ve grown a lot since I was diagnosed 7 years ago, but I still have a long way to go. This year has been particularly stressful and I’m hoping a change in living situation will make a positive impact. I’m also having counselling on a weekly basis and have been medication free since January and I’m really proud of that. It’s a real struggle but I think I will be better off from tackling it alone, I came to this decision after realising that 7 years of various medications haven’t really been working for me. My next step is to start letting go of things which happened in the past, I’m not a person who can forgive but I’m working on how I can turn the past into lessons which I can learn from and move on to a better future.

I also want to start exercising again, it’s good for my body and mind and I’ve been neglecting it recently. I don’t go to the gym as I have plenty of equipment at home. I really want to build up my muscle definition again, and also start practicing yoga again. I want to build up my strength and resilience, being blown about in this wind is not fun!

Additionally I want to carry on putting on weight, over this year I have added nearly a stone. I’m fed up of being so small, I know people literally kill themselves trying to drop dress sizes but for my own personal health I need to get bigger. I’ve had a few weight related heart issues this year. Ideally I’d like to get up to 8 stone and then hopefully work my way up to 9 stone. I feel like that’s a weight which can sit well on my frame. I also want to be able to eat more fresh fruit and veg and will be buying a Nutribullet when I start my job.

In terms of my blog I want to keep it growing, additional income will help me do this and I hope to buy my own domain. I want to be more involved with it as lately I’ve been in a bad place mentally and have had little energy. I really find that you get out what you put in and when I lack the effort my blog starts to falter. This puts me in a spiral so I’ve been working on being more forgiving with myself and allowing myself to have breaks from posting and from social media.

In relation to volunteering, I may be taking a long break, I have been volunteering for four and a half years and one of the groups I volunteer with will only have me til I turn 26 in July anyway. I’m not sure how much time I can commit once I start my job so it might be something which I let go next year, but I may look out for other opportunities in the future.

I also want to work on my art work a little more, it’s a hobby which I really love and should make more time for. I’ve had a little creative release by making Christmas presents this year but I’d like to focus on it a bit more next year. Additionally I’d like to read more. I have books piling up which I am planning to review but I usually only read on the bus.

Finally I’d like to decide what masters degree I’d like to do, I’m not sure whether to follow the counselling or psychology route of my degree. I am a member of a psychology society but counselling also has it’s appeal. Either way I would like to help people, and either way I’m going to need to save a lot of money.

As a little end note I’d also like to say that I’m pretty excited about Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman and Star Trek Beyond coming out next year, especially as Star Trek is coming out on my birthday. Eep.

I hope this post hasn’t been too long, and that your weekend has been lovely,





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