Smoked Violife and padron peppers

Evening everyone,

How’s your day been? I’m having a bit of a crazy week as I try to prepare myself for starting my new job on Monday. My head is having a bit of a crazy moment as it’s decided that I’m going to be terrible and that I’m going to embarrass myself in front of my new colleagues. So yeah, anxiety is high. I’m also figuring out how I’m going to schedule my blog when I start and I’ll let you know my plans on the weekend.

Now onto my review, this is a product which I have been really excited about, smoked Violife. I’ve tried a few different flavours of blocks and slices from Violife and this is my favourite by far. Its flavour is quite rich in my opinion, but not overpowering, I just prefer it to the taste of the regular Violife. The texture is fantastic, it grates really well and I found it to be a versatile product. I used it in garlic pasta, sandwiches, with sausages, in risotto and in onion cakes but I’m going to talk about my favourite food to add it to below.


Ingredients: water, coconut oil (23%), modified starch, sea salt, vegan flavours, smoke flavour, acidity regulator: Citric acid, preservative: Sorbic acid, and colour: b-carotene.

I’ve been wanting to try padron peppers for a while now and thought that stuffing them with the cheese would make for a tasty snack. I found the peppers quite difficult to work with, they were jam packed with seeds and I didn’t want to split the peppers so much that the cheese leaked into the pan.


They cooked really well in the pan, blistering up slightly, while the cheese melted fantastically in side. I sprinkled simple seasoning on top and found myself a winner. The flavour was great, the smokey and very slightly hot peppers went perfectly with the flavour of the cheese. I preferred these peppers to regular bell peppers, even if de-seeding is harder. I will definitely be buying the cheese and peppers again.


Hope you’ve had a good day



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