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Evening everyone,

I apologise for not posting much this week, and only posting now on the weekend. This week has been crazy, going straight into working full time whilst trying to maintain the household, speak to friends and family, spend time with the cats and make Christmas presents. I feel like I haven’t had much time to write my blog and use social media but hopefully I’ll be able to manage it a little better soon.

Anyway, I’m going to post one of my larger reviews tonight to make up for it, and I may post another one later if I have time. This review is on a range of cleaning products by Astonish. They are all certified cruelty free and vegan and are great value, it’s a range I really love. I spotted that they were selling the brand in my local 99p store and I need oven cleaner so I picked up a pack, and that was the beginning.

The oven cleaner was fantastic, it comes in a tub and is very thick. The pot lasted for three uses and I applied it straight to the metal using rubber gloves. Unlike other products I have used in the past this cleaner was very fast acting, had minimal fumes and was much more effective in my opinion. I also used it on the hobs (which are beyond help, to be honest) and it cleaned them much better than any other product which I’ve used. For 99p this is an absolute steal and I will definitely buy more to keep in my cleaning cupboard.


When I went back to buy more of the brand’s products I found my holy grail of cleaning products, the multi surface cleaner with orange oil. Not only does this stuff smell amazing but it cuts through grease with ease and leaves my surfaces sparkly and fresh. I’ve used it in both the kitchen and the bathroom and have even used it to clean the floors. I’m just so impressed with something so simple and I have a supply in my cleaning cupboard just in case I run out.


I also picked up two of their hand washes (milk & honey and chocolate orange). The milk and honey has an unusual scent, I wouldn’t really say it smelt at all like milk or honey but it is very sweet and cleans my hands very well. The chocolate orange smells better in the bottle than it does on the skin, after applying it doesn’t really smell like chocolate orange either. It has a sort of citrus scent to it which is long lasting on the skin. While the scents of the hand washes were slightly disappointing they did their job and for the price they were good value.


Additionally I grabbed a bottle of their dish liquid in the mango and freesia scent, and I fell in the love with the stuff. The liquid lasts for a long time, smells fantastic (but doesn’t leave a lingering soap scent on the dishes), and creates a good amount of bubbles.


Finally I bought a bottle of mould and mildew remover, this product was also fantastic. It had less of an offensive scent than other products and I found it was less of an effort to remove the stubborn black mould which plagues my house.


I also spotted that Savers sell a few Astonish products so I decided to grab two bottles of their laundry liquid as my usual product was starting to annoy me. The scent of these products was much more to my liking, and it was also longer lasting. At last I had the moment where you are drying washing and your whole house smells of flowers and it was amazing. Both of these bottles cleaned my clothes fantastically and I have been back and bought several bottles since. At £1.99 a bottle it’s a little more expensive than the 99p store but still great value.




Hope you have had a great weekend, it’s back to work for me tomorrow sadly but hopefully I keep up with posts next week.


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