Propercorn smooth peanut and almond

Hi everyone,

I’m still swamped with Christmas preparation, working and trying to keep on top of things so until I go on my holiday break (24th to 29th) I will be posting small reviews and then I will post the longer reviews when I have more time to write them.

Today I wanted to talk about a variety of popcorn that I tried recently, it’s the smooth peanut and almond one from Propercorn.

Now I know what you are probably thinking, ‘Popcorn and nut flavour? What’s wrong with sweet or salted?’ Well, stay with me because this is something you are going to want to try. Before I talk about the actual product I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the small ingredient list and the fact that it’s clearly labelled vegan friendly. How many companies actually do that unless they have the vegan trademark? It saves so much time in reading ingredients lists!

The popcorn itself is lovely, properly popped and just how popcorn should be. The flavour is amazing, I was a little apprehensive myself but once I started snacking I found that the nut flavour is strong but it really compliments the popcorn. I have found my new favourite snack, it was delectable. If I had to sum it up I would say that this product tastes kind of like peanut butter on toast. I will be buying many more bags of this, especially as the 80g bag is currently on offer for £1 at Tesco.


Ingredients: Popped corn, rapeseed oil, sugar, peanut flour, salt, ground almond.

Hope you’re having a great week


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