Vegan chocolate review

Morning everyone,

It’s Christmas! I don’t really enjoy the holiday season as it’s a lot of stress but I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays. Today I might receive new products to review and I also have a post coming with things that I made for others this year (this will only go up after I’ve given them all out, which may not be until the new year).

Today’s post is a short one as I will soon be leaving for Christmas with my family and I thought what’s more festive than chocolate in the morning? So here’s a little review of two vegan chocolate products.

The first product is from a brand which I have reviewed before, you can find the review here. It’s another box of Whitaker’s plain chocolate cremes, this time it was the coffee ones. These were amazing, I love the taste of coffee and as I can’t really drink it without getting anxious these chocolates were a happy medium. The chocolate was a perfect match for the coffee cream and I found them thicker than the mint, orange or strawberry varieties. They weren’t too sweet, and yes I did finish the box in one sitting.


Ingredients: Fondant 63% (sugar, glucose solids, water, coffee flavour E150d, invertase). Plain chocolate 37% (cocoa mass, Sugar, emulsifier [E322 soya lecithin]).

The second product is a free from chocolate net selection from Tesco. I found it funny that they chose to call these discs instead of coins. They are the same chocolate which they use in their bars which is very sugary and doesn’t have much cocoa mass in my opinion. It’s not my favourite vegan chocolate at all but the novelty of having chocolate coins at Christmas was too much to resist.


Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice syrup, inulin, coconut oil, rice flour, flavourings, emulsifier (soya lecithins).

Hope you have a fantastic day, I’ll probably be posting photos on Instagram later, if you want to to follow me I’ll leave this link here.


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