Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages

Evening everyone,

How did your Christmas go? Did Santa bring you everything you wished for? I’ve been eating pretty much non stop since yesterday afternoon and definitely have a food baby right now. Oh well, it is the festive period.

Today I’m reviewing the Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages, I tried these a while ago but I’m only now getting around to reviewing them.

As I’ve said in a previous review the Linda McCartney sausages are not my favourite in terms of taste or texture, they are nice but I do prefer other brands. I had heard that the red onion and rosemary variety was better than the original so I had to give them a try. They did not disappoint, I actually preferred the texture and the taste was amazing, the mix of onion and herbs was perfect. I mean really, they tasted amazing. I had them with chips but they also made lovely sandwiches with a drizzle of ketchup.  I am tee total now but I imagine the sausage sandwiches would be the ideal hangover cure! I wouldn’t think twice about buying these again, and at £1.95  for 300g they are pretty affordable as well.


Ingredients: Rehydrated textured soya protein (62%), red onion (20%), water, seasoning (red onion powder, kibbled red onion, salt, sugar, yeast extract, rosemary, sunflower oil, white pepper, ginger), rapeseed oil, and stabiliser: methyl cellulose.

Hope your holidays have gone well



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