Swansea Vegfest

Evening everyone,

It’s very near to 2016 now and I am well aware I have been crap at blogging this month. I’ve been constantly tired and all the blogs I have to write are longer than my usual reviews. I am also still waiting to give out all my Christmas presents so I can write about what I made, but oh well.

It feels like ages since I went to the Vegfest in Swansea but now I’m finally getting round to writing about it, I attended the event alone as everyone I know was busy and I was very anxious about going. I decided to take my d-slr and hide behind it when I needed to. I did have to leave the venue a few times to catch my breath as it was very busy (as you can see from the photos).


In the end I was proud of myself for going on my own and I rewarded myself by picking up a few old favourites and a couple of new products to try. I thought I would say a short bit about each.

The first stall I visited was obviously Fancy That! Bakery but I picked up the same pasty, cupcake and cookie I bought for my last review so I just took some photos of the stall. They were still amazing products and I also got a little button badge which says ‘vegan cake rocks’. Awesome!



I bought some more sweet treats from Simply V, a store which is based in Cardiff.


They were selling products which I haven’t seen on sale in Swansea like vegan aerosol cream and Ten Acre crisps. Unfortunately I only had a small amount of money to spend so I got an Ananda round up, a vegan wagon wheel which I have been very jealous of other people eating. This thing is lovely, it’s thicker than I thought it would be, with crumbly chocolaty biscuit. There’s also a band of chocolate around the outside. The marshmallow you bite into is soft and perfect, with a secret pocket of tangy and sweet jam inside. Delectable. If you want to see this beauty unwrapped then you can find a photo on my Instagram.


While I really, REALLY wanted to buy a Vego bar I opted instead to buy the cheaper Buccaneer bar. I’m not sure what chocolate bar this is supposed to be like but I just didn’t like it, it didn’t feel like nougat and tasted like sweet syrup. It was so sweet that it caught in my throat. The coating didn’t really taste like chocolate and it was just a bit of a disappointment. I wished that I had bought the Vego bar.


I then wandered over to a stall which was selling a variety of jerky, marzipan and fruit leather.



I bought a packet of red wine and black pepper jerky because I thought it was a bit different. I still don’t know what the texture of jerky is actually like but these like pieces were pretty hard to chew. The flavour was intense and I quite liked it, it was deep with red wine, had a very slight sharpness and plenty of garlic and pepper. It’s a shame that there was only a small amount in the packet and that the texture was a bit hard, I also found the jerky quite salty.


I also bought cider apple fruit leather. I don’t know why but I was expecting something a little thicker, akin to Bear yoyos. This leather was paper thin, you could easily tear pieces off, and I would have preferred something which I could sink my teeth into. I was also expecting the taste to be more alcoholic, it just tasted like apples. I wished that I had picked a leather which had mixed fruit in it.


I then went over to Naturally Kind Food’s stall and grabbed myself a raw snickers bar and a creamy banoffee pie slice.


I had eaten the banoffee slice before and I LOVE it, it’s creamy and full of flavour. I hadn’t tried the raw snickers before but I just couldn’t get on with it, I did eat most of the bar but it tasted so much like fruit (dates I think) that I couldn’t get past it to the chocolate and peanuts. However, that is my personal problem with dried fruit and I would urge you to try these bars if you can, they are magical.

My final stop was to Health and Herbs’ stall, this is an independent health food shop which I buy from, not as regularly as I would like if I’m honest.


I was out to buy slices and cheese for sandwiches to take to work, saving myself another trip to town in the process. In the end I picked up cheddar Violife slices which were creamy, buttery and cheesy, but still not a patch on the mozzarella or smoked varieties. I also bought Tofurky ham slices which were quite salty and just tasted like smoked flavour to me, I much preferred the turkey slices which I have tried previously.



While I was digging in the fridge for sandwich components I came across some seitian steak and bought that as well.


This was a weird one. I didn’t like the smell as they were cooking and they also had this fatty textured rind around the edge which really put me off eating them. The steaks were not textured like meat, they were really soft and kind of squishy. Also they didn’t have much of a taste to them, I wouldn’t buy them again. On the upside the M&S super quinoa and rice which I had with them was delicious.


So that’s everything I bought, more disappointments than I was really happy with but I enjoyed experimenting with new products. I’m looking forward to the next Vegfest (if I can get time off work) and hopefully I’ll have a bit more money in my pocket next time.


Here’s a bonus photo from the day, Heavenly Organics’ stall. This is a small business run by Mary-Anne which produces vegan skincare products. Unfortunately the little money I had was earmarked for food and the stall was quite busy so I didn’t say hello but when my first pay comes in I will be placing an order.


Have a fantastic start to 2016



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