Month: January 2016

DIY Christmas presents

Hi guys,

I know I’ve not posted much this week, stuff has just got in the way and I’ve been really anxious. I’m going to try harder to be better organised next week. In the meantime I thought I would post about the presents that I made my friends and family last Christmas as it’s February tomorrow and it’s far too late to be posting about it but oh well!


Tesco free from dessert pots

Hi everyone,

It’s been a couple of days but I’m back! I had a long induction day yesterday and then a day off today which I spent getting an x ray and talking to doctors. I still have this bloody headache and it’s back to work tomorrow but oh well.

Today I’m going to review two types of free from dessert pots which I found in Tesco, I hadn’t seen either of these before so I picked up both and gave them a try.

Vivani white nougat crisp

Evening everyone,

Well, who’d have thought it? I’ve managed to blog every day this week. It’s usually been just before I’m about to go to bed when I think ‘oh crap I’ve got to post’, but I still did it. I’m not sure if I’ll have a break tomorrow to get some photos edited but I’m going to try and keep up the posting, even if I have a break on the weekend.

Today’s post is one I’ve been saving because I absolutely love this product, it’s the Vivani white nougat crisp. I’ve had the orange and almond bar from the same brand previously, and have said that it was my favourite chocolate. Well, I have now changed my mind.

Co-Op Mexican spicy bean pot


Today I spent time with family, because even though my headaches are still bad (though they are getting better) I rarely get a chance to see anyone these days that I couldn’t say no. I had a short walk in the woods followed by a soya hazelnut latte and vegan chocolate and peanut butter cupcake, as well as picking up a few choice items from the store/cafe. So all in all the day was good.

Today I’m going to review another product that I bought from the Co-Op, the Mexican spicy bean protein pot.

Christmas chocolate review

Hello again,

I’m impressed that this is my third blog post this week, I am finding it hard to keep up with everything but this is something that I want to do. This week I’ve really been struggling with my health, my chest has been hurting and now I’m getting sudden intense headaches. I’m hoping it all sorts itself out soon.

Today’s blog is a review of some chocolate which was very kindly bought for me at Christmas.