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I’ve been trying (and failing) to completely clean my house today, I managed to nip to town and buy a few things and come back and sort a few things out. It’s just another one of those days where I feel bad for not doing everything I was supposed to. I also had a pretty crappy day yesterday, anxiety was high and I had a panic attack at work for some unknown reason.

Anyway, enough rambling. Today I’m going to write a review that I should’ve written a long time ago. It’s a review of some Inspiral products which were bought for me. I did try their kale-os and coconut pecks back in August last year (you can find that review here).

The first thing I opened was the loveberry super bites, air dried nut, seed and fruit clusters. These are 100% organic, 95% raw, gluten free. The clusters have superfood content, omega rich seeds and seven protein sources. They are nutritious, provide sustained energy and they even come in a compostable bag. With such a list of benefits it was such a shame that I didn’t really like these, they were a bit too crunchy and the flavour was very earthy, it just didn’t agree with me. They definitely tasted like health food and I found the berry a little sharp. I wouldn’t eat these again. The bites were £1.39 for a 60g pack.


Ingredients: Buckwheat, raspberries, dates, strawberries, almonds, palmyra blossom nectar (sugavida), sunflower seeds, sultanas, goji berries, chia seeds, flax seeds, millet, quinoa, beetroot powder, vanilla powder.

I also had the banana super bites, with all the above benefits being the same but with banana added to the mix I thought these would be really nice. They were slightly more bearable than the loveberry bites but there just wasn’t enough banana in the bites, they were kind of dusty and just didn’t taste edible. These were also £1.39 for a 60g pack.


Ingredients: Buckwheat, bananas, dates, sultanas, almonds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, wheatgrass powder, vanilla, millet, quinoa, spirulina, barley grass.

I just wanted to say that this review seems terrible, but I want you to bear in mind that I’m probably quite fussy. I like bold flavours and I’m not a fan of health foods. I’ve been loads of people who LOVE green smoothies, kale, wheatgrass etc but that stuff just isn’t for me. So don’t take my word for it, if you think you’d like these bites then give them a go, they might be your new favourite snack.

As well as the bites I was given some organic raw cacao and almond fudge. Again, it’s organic, raw and gluten free with no added sugar. I don’t think fudge is the right word for this product, it’s hard when you bite into it but then melts just like chocolate. It has a very powerful taste of cacao with little slithers of almond throughout. I was on the fence about this, the taste was okay but I found it too rich to eat more than a little bit at a time. The fudge is £2.50 for 50g. The description states that it’s a more nutritional version of a brownie, so I don’t know why they call it fudge but I also wouldn’t say it’s like a brownie to be honest. If you like intense chocolate then this is the product for you.


Ingredients: Raw blue agave nectar, raw cacao powder, raw almonds, raw cacao butter, raw cacao paste, Himalayan rock salt, vanilla pods.

Finally, another chocolate product, the Ombar buttons. This is the only product of the four which I’d happily eat again, plus I’d like to try more of the Ombar range. The chocolate is creamy and soft, it melts in the mouth. There is a slight bitterness from the coconut but I feel it goes really well with the chocolate. It tastes kind of like chocolate coconut yogurt, if you’ve ever eaten that. Rice milk chocolate is currently my favourite vegan chocolate, but coconut milk chocolate comes in a close second. The buttons are 100% natural, organic and gluten free. The 25g bag is £1.49.


Ingredients:, coconut sugar, raw cacao mass, raw coconut cream (20%), cocoa butter, ground vanilla pods, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086 (0.34%).

Hope you’re having a great weekend, I will hopefully post another review tomorrow which I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Fingers crossed!



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  1. Try not to beat yourself up with guilt Sophie. I’m going to guess that your housework will wait and there will be no significant negative outcomes from not getting it all done on the weekend. It sounds to me like you are being super productive in your new job and certainly with all your fantastic blog posts – you should be proud. Thanks for another great review xx

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