Vegan Christmas party food

Hi everyone,

How is your weekend going? I’m back at work tomorrow and I’m really anxious about it because they are sticking me on the phone and I am really uncomfortable taking phone calls and being put on the spot. We will see how it goes.

This review is yet another one which I have been itching to write for a while, it’s a review of some party food which I ate leading up to and during the Christmas period. I bought the VBites 48 piece party pack, Cheezly and cranberry bites, and Fry’s nuggets.


I’m going to talk about the 48 piece pack first because it really is the star of the show, the fact that you can buy such a box of party food for vegans is fantastic. The box contains mini quiches, sausages rolls, two types of pizza, samosas and duck rolls.


The mini quiche lorraines were amazing, very true to a dairy quiche, with very sharp cheddar. They were crumbly, had an eggy texture and I quite liked the puff pastry case instead of a shortcrust one.



Ingredients: Tofu, puff pastry, red cheddar style cheezly (water, potato starch, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, soya protein, thickeners: carrageenan, locust bean gum, yeast extract, vegetable oil, salt, natural flavourings, calcium phosphate, natural colours: annatto, carotene), cheatin’ rashers (water, wheat gluten, soya protein, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, textured wheat protein, potato starch, salt, dried yeast, sugar, natural flavourings, thickener: carrageenan, onion powder, colour: iron oxide), onion, wheat starch, dried yeast, salt, spices, natural flavouring, garlic powder, onion powder, and natural colour: lutein.

The sausage rolls with cranberries were my favourite from the box, the sausage flavour was gorgeous, deep and a little spicy. The pastry was perfect, the cranberries were little sharp and sweet bites throughout. The texture was soft, not like some harder sausage rolls which I have tried before.


Ingredients: puff pastry, pork style sausage (water, wheat gluten, onion rapeseed oil,wholemeal wheat rusk, soya protein, dried yeast, yeast extract, salt, herbs and spices, natural flavouring, sugar, thickener: methyl cellulose, garlic powder, malt extract, colour: iron oxide), and cranberries.

The pizza was okay, the cheese was nice, as was the pepperoni, and I liked it with or without the pepperoni. However, I feel like this is one item which didn’t go with the puff pastry. It was interesting eating a puff pastry pizza but it wasn’t a stable structure, and who likes eating floppy pizza? I also thought that it could have done with a little more sauce.


Ingredients: Puff pastry, cheezly (water, non hydrogenated vegetable fat, potato starch, tofu, soya protein, thickeners: carrageenan, locust bean gum, salt, dried yeast, calcium phosphate,spirit vinegar, natural flavourings, sugar, yeast extract), tomato sauce (tomatoes, tomato puree, herbs, onion, rapeseed oil, salt, potato starch, garlic, onion powder, black pepper, sugar, garlic powder), and pepperoni style pieces (water, wheat gluten, rapeseed oil, non hydrogenated vegetable fat, soya protein, textured wheat protein, spices and spice extracts, sugar, natural flavourings, salt, dried yeast, garlic powder, onion powder, thickener- carrageenan, colour: iron oxide).

I also really liked the duck spring rolls, they had a very strong flavour, the pastry wasn’t too hard and the filling was soft, sweet and spicy. They were perfect little rolls.


Ingredients: Samosa pastry, meat free duck style pieces (water, wheat gluten, vegetable oil, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, textured wheat protein, wheat fibre, sugar, soya protein, yeast extract, salt, dried yeast natural flavourings, spices, thickener: methyl cellulose, malt extract, garlic powder, malt vinegar, onion powder, molasses, spice extract), carrots, spring onions, hoisin sauce (sugar, fermented soy bean paste, molasses, water, tomato puree, rice vinegar, ainiseed, liquorice, garlic, chilli), vegetable oil, and soy sauce (water, salt, soya beans, roasted wheat, glucose, barley malt extract, spirit vinegar).

The final item from this box is my least favourite of the six, the beef samosa. I found the pastry was okay but there wasn’t a good beef to vegetable ratio inside, if I wanted a vegetable samosa then I would have bought one. The flavouring was as I’d expect, spicy and deep.


Ingredients: Samosa pastry, beef style mince (water, wheat gluten, vegetable oil, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, textured wheat protein, potato starch, salt,dried yeast, sugar, natural flavourings, thickener: carrageenan, onion powder, colour: iron oxide), onion, potato, peas, green chillies, garlic, ginger, spices, and salt.

I’ll also list the ingredients for the puff pastry here at the end as it’s in more than one product, wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats, salt, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids.

I paid £8.40 for the 890g pack which is obviously quite expensive but the food is so tasty (and convenient, it all cooks in 18 minutes or under). I would buy it again (I have bought two boxes so far).


The Cheezly and cranberry bites were also from VBites, these were really nice. You know I’m not that fussed on the Cheezly which comes in blocks, I much prefer Violife, but when it’s cooked in food such as the pizza, and these bites, it’s really nice. The cheese bites were crumbed on the outside with soft, warm and fruity cheese on the inside. Absolutely stunning. I paid £2.99 for the 160g pack.


Ingredients: Water, breadcrumbs [wheat flour (flour, carbonated calcium, niacin, iron, thiamin), rapeseed oil, water, salt, yeast], potato starch, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (sustainable palm), cranberries (6%), soya protein, thickeners: carrageenan, locust bean gum; yeast extract, rapeseed oil, salt, natural flavouring, calcium phosphate, and natural colour: carotene.

Finally I purchased a pack of Fry’s nuggets, I have only tried their pies before but I know that people really love this brand and nuggets really remind me of party food as a child. The nuggets were really moist, had a lovely flavour which wasn’t overdone, the coating was crispy and the filling was soft. I wouldn’t think twice about buying these again, I paid £3.45 for the 380g pack.


Ingredients: Vegetable protein (18%) crumb (15%) (wheat flour), flavourings, vegetable oil, wheat fibre, thickener (cellulose), sea salt, and garlic.

Honestly I just want to go back to the day I bought all of this and eat it all over again, at this moment I just can’t warrant spending that money right now.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend



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